Why does White Stretch Marks Come to the body?

stretch marks

Most women have white stretch make in different parts of the body. Stomach, hip, pistol, breastfeeding are white seeds on the skin. Due to such white sandals coming to the skin, the women are more worried.

The white stretch mark reaches the eyes of the world when some parts of the body are open in public. Due to stretch marks, the women feel flawed in the beauty. What are these white marks?


What is white stretch marks?

Stretch Marks comes on the skin in different parts of the body. It is called ‘Stria’ in the medical language. The parts of the nermomini, the thigh, the hip, the hip, the breastfeeding of the breast are seen. In some cases, Rata Dhars are visible even though white appears mostly in the majority. If this problem is seen in most of the women, even if not visible to men. 70% of women appear to be found in men and 30% of men are visible.


Reasons to come to white stretch marks

The reason for coming white in the body is different. Due to some diseases, such items are found. However, the reason for most is the same. That is, to overturn the body shortly and shorten the thickness of the short time.

This is the main reason why stretch marks is more visible in the body of a woman born in the child. When the baby is stomach, the body absorbs excessively and skin. After the birth of a baby, the cordinated skin reaches acne. Meanwhile, there are white sandals in the skin. Highly filling the races in the inner part of the skin reach to collapse. The uppermost layer of the skin is made thin, and the inner layer is broken. This is the same as Vela white dars. Such skin can be seen very much in many cases.

When women first die in various parts of the body when they are mermaiding, white leaves stay white. In the breast, hip, this is seen as ‘Stretch Marks’. In some individuals, excessive use of steroid medicines also appears as ‘stretch macros’. It’s more in men.


Symptoms and remedies

No symptoms appear before ‘Stretch Marks’. It is important to be aware that in such a situation you will be aware of this problem. Exercise and focusing on eating habits is the body to balance. Whenever you are aware of the matter, the white is not a problem of drought. So, such white cream is not a disease. It does not affect physical health. But, for beauty, it looks fatal. The use of various masks is also used to eradicate such dishes. Laser can also be removed.

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