SkinCare Tips to follow During Workout

skincare workout

Current generation youths are fitness aware and go to GYM as daily as possible maintaining the routines. It is obvious that gym workouts make the human body fit and healthy. Also , it freshens the mood of the person. There are various benefits of workout.  Although we have to be careful in few things during workout and apply correct techniques.

1. Avoid touching your face

After workout, our body generates so much sweat that it ends up producing excess bacteria. So when you touch your face unaware of the bacteria in your sweat, it can  cause and spread infections.

2. Use wet wipes not towel

Many people commit this mistake. The same towel they used to wipe sweat during workout can spread infections in the skin as it is full of bacteria and can when used again can cause pimples to form up. Instead of towel, using cold or wet wipes to wipe our face can not only make us fresh but also kills bacteria as alcohol is present in wet wipes.

3. Use warm water

Most people prefer to take a bath with cold water after sweating in workout. But that’s not healthy. Your skin’s natural oil gets diluted through bathing with cold water. This makes the skin quiet vigorous. So Always wash the face and body only with warm water.

4. Slowly wipe the skin

When working out, sweat is generated in the body. We should not wipe our skin with force but instead we should wipe lightly. Rubbing vigorously can cause the skin to turn red and prone to skin infections.

5. Use toner and Drink Water

After hard workout, your skin becomes dehydrated around the surface. Therefore, drinking sufficient amount of water and applying small amount of toner in the face ensures moist and soft skin.

6. Apply Moisturizer 

After using a skin toner, moisturizer can be applied to your face. Moisturizer should always be of light consistency which keeps the skin softened before and after the workout.

7. Avoid make up

This is an important tip that should be taken into consideration. Whether it be a morning workout or evening workout, we shouldn’t apply make-up in our face. Even after workout we have to wait at least one hour to apply makeup. Otherwise, pimples and blisters can occur.

8. Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen lotions can be used to protect the skin. If you are working in the afternoon or during extremely hot weather, sunscreen is a must. It does not ever spoil skin.

9. Wash the mouth after workout

After workout, first we should  properly wash our face. Because excessive sweat is formed during workout and Sweats contains bacteria and other germs that make the skin itchy and prone to infections.



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