Protect Your Face From Dust, Smoke and Cold by following this tips

prevention of dust smoke cold

There are various states of air i.e. Dry Air, Cold Air, Humid Air etc. On top of that , there is air pollution. It is a hassle to protect our skin against this factors. Dry air destroys the moistness of the skin and turns soft skin into rough. Another factors are fine dust and smoke. Similarly, pollution is affecting out skin everyday , mostly in urban areas which increases the risk of skin infection or even skin diseases. To prevent that we have to maintain the moistness and cleanliness of the skin.

Normally to minimize the effects of air pollution in skin, we can use lotions and moisturizers. Still it is not sufficient enough for the protection of our skin. There is a chemical compound in our skin that offers a layer of protection against the fat & oils present in the air. So we can focus on boosting this compound and become highly immune to dangerous skin diseases.

In dry air , there are various toxins which immediately makes our skin dry, and the toxins may penetrate the skin. We can use good quality cleanser to get rid of this toxins and keeps skin clean.

Sufficient consumption of water can prevent dry skin. Water cleanses the toxins out of our skin and body and eliminates constipation which is one of the major causes of dry skin.

Skin Toner plays an important role on keeping skin healthy and clean. Toners normally remove the fats and oils present on the skin and blocks off the toxins that affects the skin. Toners can be applied in any part of the body and should be applied twice daily . Facial oils can be applied instead of moisturizer which prevents harmful components from getting into  the skin.

Some Beneficial Advice

1. Wear Masks every-time you go outside . It protects the skin, as well as protects face from dust and smoke.

2. Cover your faces using a Scarf and form a mask, such that your facial organs can not be affected by dust.

3. Sun lotion should be applied before leaving home. And, after returning home, we should compulsorily wash our face. This prevents our skin from harmful bacteria .

4. Sun glasses also provide good protection at the moment, eyes and the surrounding area. After wearing sunglasses and masks, most of the face is covered.

5. Drink enough water, it provides softness to the skin.




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