Make a smile slim


Lately, you might have been aware that it is so important for health. But the researchers have done research on interest and health.

According to them, you laugh very openly calories as many calories as you spend on a short walk.

Dr Helen Pitcher, a biologist of America, studied the laughter artist’s laughter and the effects of his body.

As a result of their study, the unhealthy way of the stomach with the belly in the field, the laughter is used 120 calories per hour. The calorie that is used during walking in medium speed is equal.

Half a week, 100 calories per day, if you leave the chicken, you will be able to spend less than 20 calories per hour.

A well-opened laughter helps you control your stomach, while you are watching a comedy program in T.V., you may have to undergo your stomach exercise.

According to the scientists, the intake of Intake Ablik is responsible for making Sax packs and its exercise becomes more than laughter than the crushing of the stomach.

Open laughter also makes it effective for the heart muscle to make blood circulation even effective.

Dr Pitcher says, ‘You can reduce your weight by looking at the comedy program. If that program is not watching something while watching. After watching the program myself, I feel more healthy and fit. ‘

Tymedra Hararkness operator of a comedy program says, ‘Laughter is no substitute for exercising, but by the time you can not exercise your exercise, it is a matter of openness to keep your body healthy.’

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