Why do the lips burst in the winter season? What might be the solution?

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So high is the winter season. Okay, this time our hands, legs, throat and lips tend to fly more. But this is a common health problem. Even though the lip is a small part of the body, this footage makes a lot of problems. After eating lips, polishing, laughing and face of beauty will be disturbed by something.


Why do you lie in the cold?

Senior Anthropologist says, during the winter or dry season, the maximum lumps are lumped. When more chillies, glands removing the oily ingredients remove less oil and begin fisting.


What is the solution?

Even if not out of the cold weather, the lips are also sold out of the floor, but this is not possible. So before leaving out, a frying substance can be kept on the lip and after a few minutes, the cotton cloth can be somehow protecting some.

In the night, especially on glycerin, leaking the leaves and roses, the lumps and lips, the hands and the feet, the lowering of the boiling process. In the nighttime sleeping, lymphs, butter, milk, and lightweight in the lips are beneficial. Loss of water can reduce lips, throat, hands, feet. Therefore, both the heat and winter should be adequately used in water.

Most people who lubricate lips frequently lip lips. It seems as if it was a bit dry, but after drying it, it was drier than ever before. The lips of the lip are black and dark while repeatedly licking. Especially the problem of watching this child is sometimes seen in big people.

Before sleeping, cleaning your face and using the oily substance is good. It is good to use milk, oil, ghee oil or sesame oil, glycerine, etc. It is a cheap medicine found at home.

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  1. Cracked lips are very common issue whatever he/she is old or young and we are very well knew about that. Is there any way to remove permanently or naturally. I request you to write something about that.

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