Hair Care: How often should we Wash Our Hair?

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How to have healthy hair is more important than how stylist your hair should be? ; When it comes to the basics of Hair care.

To cater to the health of the hair, you should pay attention to your daily diet. Applying oil and washing your hair is also equally important.

When you talk about keeping the hair clean, the question about how often should we wash your hair in a week. Some people shower once a week, some 3-4 times. There is no regulation how or when hair should be bathed in the week. However, repeated washing of hair in the presence of Shampoo and condition can harm the quality of your hair.

Each person has a different hair nature and hair structure. Before you follow any routine, you should pay attention to many aspects. The effects on your hair genes cannot be ignored. So, you should continue to experiment until you get the correct safe routine.

It is not necessary that the products and methodologies that has benefited the hair from others should also benefit you. At least every one week , we can follow one routine. If you aren’t satisfied with the routine , then you should move to another routine until you find the routine that suits you.

Hair-care and lifestyle

Washing the hair once in three days may be suitable for those who have light hairs. The hair of every person who wakes up early in the morning, is usually sticky. So this routine is not right for them.

Similarly, your catering habit also tells you how fast you should wash the hair quickly. However, there is a problem everyone suffers from, having rough hair with  growing age. In such situations , people can use conditioners instead of using shampoo regularly.

Trust the oil produced by the scalp

Usually, we give the blame of sticky hair on the oil that comes out from the scalp . And we use different products to reduce this oil from producing. After that, we also massage our hair with the organic, essential oil to nourish the hair.

This activity cycle keeps rotating. But, of course, the oil produced by the scalp is actually suitable for hair. So it is good to stay away from using such products.

Away from sulfates

Shampoos and conditioners have sulfates. It focuses on removing your scalp and waste from the hair and natural oil provided by the scalp and cleanses it. However,  the problem of sulfates,  is that this does not make the difference between the natural oil of the scalp and the sweat and sticky hair. They are completely unrelated to each other. Sulfates also absorb natural oil from the scalp and reduces its potential benefit. So as long as we use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners, our hair will be naturally healthy.

The Shampoo is not always necessary

Repetitive application of Shampoo can destroy the natural oil produced by scalp. So instead of using shampoo, sometimes also water can be used clean the hair. Massaging your hair while the water is running towards your hair can get rid of waste. Then again clean water should be used to wash our hair. Conditioners can be used, but keep in mind that it should be applied from the center towards the bottom of your hair end.

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