Five Fruits for a Beautiful and Bright Skin



The nutrients are found in a sufficient amount of quantity. One of them is vitamin C, which requires skin razors called collagen. Not only this, the juice of the orange juice and the bacteria, in the skin, keeps the skin healthy and removes the waste collected in the skin.



The apple has a great role in bringing the skin to the skin. There are more and more vitamin C skin diseases. Not only this, potassium is available for the skin available in the apple.



The fruit is also called fruit. The enzyme and nutritious ingredients are found in the sufficient amount of food in the mega. It keeps your skin fresh and fresh. Similarly, black grains of edible poultry helps to reduce skin addiction and dead bodies.



Water supply in Kharbja helps keep the body always hydrated. The lipoxin, vitamin C, and vitamin E in it protect from being skin-old. Planting the Kharubas juice in the skin helps to clean the waste collected in the skin and keep the skin healthy.

Pomegranate :


Pomegranate acids, alcoholic acids and antioxidants are found in high pomegranate. Omega-3 fatty acids found in it helps to rebuild the skin. Similarly, the increase in the number of red blood cells is also needed for healthy blood flow. As pomegranate is a natural moisturizer, it is beneficial for dry skin too.

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