The Correct way to Remove Makeups


As they say “Beauty lies beneath women”.  For women to have beautiful face, they spend a long time on make-up. However, most women fail to take care of their face during makeup removal .

It is equally important to maintain makeups for both health and beauty . Because if not handled properly , they can encounter various skin related issues.

Dont Sleep with your Makeup On ! Its WRONG!!

After finishing their outdoor shopping or work, they are usually too lazy to remove make-up and they sleep without removing. However, such habits can not only affect the skin but also the whole facial structure. And, the skin may encounter worse problems.

Typically, when applying make-up in the face, the pores of the skin remains closed due to the makeup . This prevents adequate oxygen flow in skin horizons. Due to that, the skin receives small holes and  face feels uneasy. Moreover, removing facial makeup is preferably easier than removing facial skin problems , So you have to remove them properly.

Eye Makeup

Eye is indeed the most sensitive part of the body which is why it is also necessary to maintain the security of the eye. So when removing make-up of the eye, never use a tissue or toilet paper. Instead,  use a safe make-up remover.

First off we try to lighten the the make-up of the eye with a cotton ball soaked in makeup remover slightly applying pressure using our hand. If the make-up is a water proof or the mascara is water proof ,the makeup remover can be replaced by olive oil and baby oil. It helps us to remove the eye makeup without causing any harm to our eye.

Facial makeup

It is very important to remove facial make-ups. For this process, Alcohol cleanser and non soapy makeup remover is a must. Cotton ball can be soaked in the cleanser or makeup remover, applying on the face and removing the foundation and so forth.

It cleanses the face . Also, non-alcoholic cleansers and makeup removers doesn’t harm or affect the face. And, helps keep the face of the natural shine.

Lips make up

The easiest way to remove lip-make-up is the use of petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly should be rubbed on the lips ;small amount at a time and cleanse using tissue paper or soft cloth even if it is exposed to the face.

Likewise, lipstick on the lip can also be removed by using cold cream. For this, we apply cold cream on the lip for around two minutes and use soft cloth to wipe them clean. After removing makeup of lips, it is necessary apply a moisturizer to prevent dry lips.

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