Some interesting facts about hair and nails

Nails and hair are not the living parts of the body. After the cell dies it comes out in the form of a nail. But, still, we need to take care of this part seriously.

Some interesting facts about hair and nails

Let’s see some interesting facts related to nails and hair:

1. If a man does not touch both hair and beard in his life, then beard grows 4X times more than hair.

2. Every day, healthy people hair falls from 60 to 100.

3. The thickness of the female is half the size of the male’s hair.

4. A man hair has the power to lift about 100 grams.

5. The nail of the middle finger increases the fastest.

7. The size of the hands nails increases the faster than a foot.

8. Hair cannot be destroyed unless it is fired.

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