Summer Face Pack

face pack

Skin requires extra care in summer. Coming in a hot sunlight, there are skin dyes, sun tans, dark spots and pigments, as well as the fear of seeing wrinkles and fine lines, like pre-mature ageing in the moon. In such cases, it should be hydrate which softens the skin. Then the skin is healthy and beautiful. In the heat, the following Face Pack can be used to heat the skin.


Cucumber face Pack: If the face skin of the skin is also removed with a scrub in front of the face pack, the crank face should be used. Cut some pieces of bronze into a mixer and paste it. Make a little bit of bitterness and keep it in the refrigerator for some time. After applying this paste to the skin and after drying it, remove it. The result removes Dead Skin’s layer.


Yoghurt Face Pack: To give the cold skin to cold sunlight, use the yoghurt’s face pack. For this, in a spoon curd, mix a small tapered powder of powder and put the prepared face pack in the well well after drying dry water with 10 minutes. It can be traced from.


Chandan Face Pack: The coolness of the moon gives a lot of relief to the skin in summer. For this, prepare a cup of lime powder and a little rose glass in a cup on a cup. After drying the lap well in the nose and neck, drying with cold water.


Pudina Face Packs: Pandina’s face pack provides relief to the skin on a cold sun, as the mixed pudina cools the stomach heat on the surface and the juice. For this, use a large tint of padded leaves and use two tablespoons of rose-roses in the face. After drying, the cold water will be removed. For this, a chimney hereditary powder can be mixed.


Mango Face Pack: Tear the sticks and paste the pulp on the mixer. In it, a small tint of a mixture of lime powder, a small chamber curd, half a moon honey, and a chimney herd, preparing a lap and pouring it into the sun. After drying, the skin will dry up with cool water.


Watermelon Face Pack: Watermelon Face Pack also proves very effective to maintain the skin’s softness as heat melon is beneficial to complete the body’s lack of water in summer. To make face packing, reduce the curd in gambling watermelon. Use the readily prepared dish in the morning and after 15 minutes to dry.


Tomato Face Pack: If a long-term skin tan has a sunlight, Tomato face pack should be used. For this, a big spoon tomato pulp will mix two small spoon honey and use it in the affected area of skin. 10-15 minutes after drying water. This provides respiratory relief in the skin and causes the skin to shine.

Lemon Face Pack: Make a paste in a small number of lemon leaves and make a paste. Cutting paste will be used with caution ball in the face and neck. After 20 minutes, cool water will dry and neck. From this, the skin is grilled and also glows on it. It also provides relief in the sunset. For further effectiveness, the leaflet affected by the bark


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