How to remove black spots appearing around the eye?

It is really annoying to have black spots around eyes. It makes any people face looks not so healthy. And yeah the main reason of having black spots around the eyes is that your body lack water. So, primary remedies for this is having a good amount of water daily.

But still, your black spots don’t go away it is always the best idea to give a try in a natural way.

dark circle

1. Rose water: Make a cloth of cotton cloth and sieve it in pink water and keep it in eye till 10 mints.


2. Cucumber: cucumber skin glow is to feature. Round fresh cranky and cut it in the fridge for half an hour. Then, keep it around for the next 10-15 minutes and dry the water.


3. Tomato: The tomatoes also have the form of skin-shining brightness. Make a spoon tomatoes juice and a chimney juice juice juice in the black spot around the eye. After 10 minutes clean it with clean water.


4. Potato: Put potato and cut it as a slice of a slice. Put it on the closed eye for 15-20 minutes. After some time, clean the water with a dry water. This also reduces the dark circle.


5. Mint: Mint leaf beat out with a pulp made around the eyes. After 10-15 minutes clean water with a clean water. It measures to remove the dark circle of the key.

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