Make your face clean within 2 minutes

Your face may see dry and rough, but they’re great homemade remedies for this problem. You can use one of the best natural self-made technique to make your face clean and increase its brightness as well.

lemon in face

But now you can shine your face overnight with own DIY method and also without using any artificial remedies. So, go through step by step below more than that all you need is listed below:

You will need:

  1. 1 Lemon
  2. 1spoon Salt
  3. 1 spoon Honey
  4. 5-10 spoon Rice Flour


First Step:

Cut down the lemons in two half. And put some salt on that cut piece of lemon. Now, gently rub all the lemons in your face for some time (like 2-3 minutes).

Sometimes, it feels some kind of pain on you but don’t worry if you feel some kinda pain then the lemon is working fully in your face.


Second Step:

Now, mix all the honey with rice flour and then mix all the juice of lemons to the flour. If needed you can add little water too.

After, You mix stir it up properly so that everything will get mixed up well. Don’t add an excessive amount of water otherwise, it will ruin all your effort.


Third Step:

Now paste all the second steps to your face, hope it will cover almost all part of the face. At least leave that paste in your face for more than a 5 min.

And leave the face for some time, until that paste becomes dry. After some time of that, clean your face only with water.

You will feel far better and beauty than the previous time. 

This method at once is not gonna work but 1 once in every 3 days will bring good mood in your face. And the main thing is if you only use natural elements than you will never have to fear of ruining your face.


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