How to Care Lips?

lips care

The lips are very soft organs. Olive is not a gland in the lips. Therefore, continuous lubrication is required in the lips. Due to the lack of smooth substances, the problem of drying and bleeding occurs. Long sleeved lips tend to darken. The dry lips are dead cores, effects of chemicals occurring in the beauty of the beauty, the effect of the sunlight is the only reason to become black.


Complete Care:

  • Drinking around 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day. It does not let the lip to dry.
  • When going outside, lip balm or lip care at the lip.
  • From time to time cleaning the lips. Keeping something continuous to avoid drying.


Home Remedies: 

  • Prepare a Champagne.
  • Fry the brown sugar for a few minutes.
  • Drag the mixture into half a mixture of honey and brown sugar mix well.
  • Mix this mixture with lip massage. After a few minutes, apply with warm water.
  • Now, keep the olive oil on the lip. Regarding this way for some days, removing dead skin makes it soft to the lips. The black color of the lips removes color gradually.

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